The past three times I've been to Bass Pro Shop in Ashland, Va only happened due to the fact that Green Top was closed. Even then, I regret going.

I'll start with the first issue: the archery department. Customer service: rude. If I were to buy a $1000.00 bow, they don't allow you to test-shoot it; all they let you do is pull it back. How am I supposed to know if I like the bow until it shoots?

Green Top lets you shoot as much as you want to, free of charge. They set the bow up for your for free and the customer service is wonderful- you can tell they actually care about the satisfaction of the customers. Second issue: the awful prices of Bass Pro. I can guarantee almost everything in Bass Pro you can find at Green Top (but probably better brands/quality at Green Top) for a much more affordable, and not to mention FAIR, price.

What a rip off. My boyfriend's company allows for a 15% discount every time he comes into Bass Pro because of his maintenance service he provides there. Guess who ripped him off, making us think we got the discount when we didn't? Bass Pro.

I have never seen a company so disinterested in caring about their mannerism or attitude- what kind of people are they? This happens consistently every time we go (not by first choice, might I add again). This company is overpriced (food wise and merchandise wise... And it isn't WORTH the money) incredibly disrespectful, and downright ridiculous.

Green Top is my first and only choice from now on- they care, they RESPECT, and they won't rip you off. Trust them, not Bass Pro.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

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