Bought a fish finder with so called free installation.They tried to charge me aprox.$40 for epoxy.Next time I put my boat in water brand new fish finder goes off when key is on.My motor that always starts with no problem won't start.6 AM

I knew nothing about out boards,like the(tech)ha-ha at no go pro shop!After a VERY frustrating 9 hrs.trying to figure this thing out some real techs came along and I got them to show me how to start the motor without the key.Disconnect kill wire.Kicked right off.By this time I had disconnected the fish finder.It started with the key,with the kill wire connected at the motor like it's supposed to.I give these guys $60 and start putting wires back under console(wired f.f.)won't start!Walk 1/4 mi.

Up hill to charge battery.Try again.nope,disconnect f.f.starts.He must have snorted the 3 tubes of epoxy they tried to charge me for,then WIRED THE GROUND WIRE to the KILL WIRE on the ignition switch!!!7 PM (13 hrs.) Announcing this to all who will hear,one guy put it perfect when he said,That takes a special kind of ***!When I shared my nightmare with a manager at GARLAND TEXAS BASS no pro,he ask what it would take to make me happy,I said $1000

All I got was an apology and he said when it comes to out boards Murphy's Law always applies.Sounds like they must destroy a lot of out boards.Oh did I forget to mention the Grandkids not getting to fish that day.If you want your motor to stop just take it to bass pro shop:

Review about: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

I didn't like: Service.


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