Garland, Texas

Bought a fish finder with so called free installation.They tried to charge me aprox.$40 for epoxy.Next time I put my boat in water brand new fish finder goes off when key is on.My motor that always starts with no problem won't start.6 AM

I knew nothing about out boards,like the(tech)ha-ha at no go pro shop!After a VERY frustrating 9 hrs.trying to figure this thing out some real techs came along and I got them to show me how to start the motor without the key. Disconnect kill wire.Kicked right off.By this time I had disconnected the fish finder.It started with the key,with the kill wire connected at the motor like it's supposed to.I give these guys $60 and start putting wires back under console(wired f.f.)won't start!Walk 1/4 mi.

Up hill to charge battery.Try again.nope,disconnect f.f.starts.He must have snorted the 3 tubes of epoxy they tried to charge me for,then WIRED THE GROUND WIRE to the KILL WIRE on the ignition switch!!! 7 PM (13 hrs.) Announcing this to all who will hear,one guy put it perfect when he said,That takes a special kind of ***!When I shared my nightmare with a manager at GARLAND TEXAS BASS no pro,he ask what it would take to make me happy,I said $1000

All I got was an apology and he said when it comes to out boards Murphy's Law always applies.Sounds like they must destroy a lot of out boards.Oh did I forget to mention the Grandkids not getting to fish that day.If you want your motor to stop just take it to bass pro shop:

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Bass Pro Shops Cons: Service.

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