Washington, District Of Columbia

this is not a complaint, i only want to be sure this is brought to the attention of Bass Pro's people.

Sun. June17th. i was walking my Grandson from the fish tank observation area on the basement level, we were waling up the ramp when I saw a large man in one of Bass Pro's wheel chairs coming down the ramp totally out of control, My Son was at the top of the ramp screeming look out !! the chair crashed into the doorway of the lower area, pined myself and my two year old Grandson against the wall, it was by the grace of God that My Daughter in Law who was in front of us nor my Grandson or I were injured.

The older gentleman on the chair was very scared, i notified your customer service desk of the accident but i just want to make sure this information reaches the correct people so this won't happen again. when the chair finally stopped there wasn't inches between all of us push into the wall.

I would think that there would be no way this chair would have the ability to SPEED out of control, it really was going fast !

we know the owners of Bass Pro and are very proud of what they have done for our town, again this is not a complaint .



Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

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