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I went to the local BassPro in October to consider using my points to in effect get a free gun. I had more that $800 dollars in points.

I stopped at the info counter to get exact amount. Was told I had $54 worth ofpoints. I had last used my card on May 9 and my points were redeemed on May 12. Coincidence?

Evidently all its takes to redeem points is the reward number and your phone number. No id is required no signature no nothing.No notice is sent via email. Fishing gear and 380 ammo was bought with my points. I dont fish and do not have a 380.

Due to the long period between the usage and my discovery there was no video to look at. The store response is someone in your family used it.

I can' t prove otherwise but no one in my family fishes. So keep an eye on you points.

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If you had $800 worth of points, that's 40,000+ pts. Meaning you spent at least $15,000 in BPS in a relatively short time frame.

Once you hit a "reward level" (every ten dollars worth) you have 90 days to use the points or you will lose them.

So if you last shopped in May, your points would have been gone anyways (unless they have changed that). This story seems a little off...

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