My family and I shop at the Orlando store. However, if you continue to advertise on A&E our business will go elsewhere.

Their treatment of Phil Robertson will not stand without retaliation. Since A&E programming will no longer be viewed at our houses I hope you will announce your withdrawal from A&E in the news media.

Should The A&E network fire the executive that made the decision to suspend Phil, and offer a public apology for their unamerican treatment of Phil I would consider suspending my boycot of A&E and it's advertisers. Nothing short of that will change our resolve.

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I seriously doubt the original poster is either real (signed 12562fa like hex code?) or has ever stepped into a Bass Pro Shop. There's even another post signed also with a hex code. This is just a GLAAD fan spiking up comments for search engines.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #762121

So much resolve and conviction in your little story, that you lacked the spine to sign your name.........priceless....quack quack.....the show sucks.


Bass Pro will not continue advertising if the show is cancelled. This is the key, the show needs to be cancelled at the hand of Roberson family.

Otherwise, they are a sellout and deserve no respect.

I am waiting to see how serious the Robinson family is on this issue and if they will fully stand their ground.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #761507

Now that's funny! Getting so upset over a person you don't even know.

Step out of your fantasy world and open your eyes. That guy couldn't care less about you and he is not your friend no matter how many times you have seen him on TV. The funniest part was how you expect that since YOUR houshold will no longer watch A&E that Bass will make a media announcement about parting ways with A&E. All over some *** redneck who would laugh at you if he saw this.

Besides, if you can't recognize a publicity stunt this obvious you really are living under a rock.

Haven't you noticed that this happens quite often with "reality celebrities"? Put your faith in the good people of your community and quit worshipping corporate shills.

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