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Employees at Cabelas don't get breaks most the time. They hire people that are on *** work partime employees that don't wont full time hours and the people that have been there since the doors opened doesn't get their forty hours, this is very unexcusable.

The employees are harassed by others when they SAY its NOT suppose to happen but when a manager is told they laugh it off. Its ok Cabelas because you are being watched by a attorney at this time. Why does the employees get treated by their leads and security is pathetic.

Someone needs to do a investigation NOW . Its been gpoing on far too long.

Reason of review: Employee Mistreatment.

Bass Pro Shops Cons: Cabelas.

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AnnoyedDuskyDolphin, we appreciate you reaching out to us and would like to forward your comments to our Retail Administration for review. Please email us at including your contact information along with which retail location you are speaking of.

Thank you. –ANA

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