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On 2/18/18, I went to the Bass Pro Shop at Bristol, Tn .It was about 5:30 p.m. My wife saw a Bad Boy S4 golf cart and fell in love with it.

We tried to locate a sales person to find about more information about it. Anyway to make a long story short we didn't locate a salesman. We came back on Tuesday to try again. I found a salesman after I had to look for one and I had to wait about ten minutes until he got off his cellphone from talking to his wife I guess.

the reason I say that is because he said I love you to whoever he was talking to. He then turned his back to me and walked away. I asked him if he could help me. I asked him about the golf cart that was outside and that it was missing if they still had it or had they sold it.

He said he didn't know. I thought that they may have moved it inside somewhere. He walked over to a desk and looked in a notebook and said they sold it. I ask him if they had anymore like it and he replied he didn't know.I asked him if he would check and he was acting like I was asking him for his teeth.

he looked back in the notebook and said No. I ask if he could check and see if any other stores had it. He replied I would have to get your telephone number and call you later this evening. I gave him my number and left.

I went to my car and called a Bass Pro Shop in Seiverville, Tn. and they advised they had one. They sent me a picture of it immediately and I asked them if I could purchase it or put a hold on it. The salesman there was awesome.

He explained if I put a $250.00 deposit on it that they would hold it for me. I did and went down the next day and purchased it.I was worried about getting the golf cart home and they told me not to worry that they would follow me home with it. This was from Seiverville,Tn to Abongdon, Va.

It took about two hours one way. I am very impressed with the Bass Pro store in Seiverville ,Tn .I will not purchase a box of worms from the Bass Pro store in Bristol,TN!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bass Pro Shops Pros: Bass pro in seiverville.

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We are very sorry to hear you did not receive adequate assistance at our Bristol, TN store when inquiring about the golf cart you wanted to purchase. We would very much like to address this issue at the retail level.

We ask that you please email us the details of your experience to basspro@custhelp.com. Kudos to our Sevierville, TN store for stepping up and making sure our loyal customers are taken care of accordingly. Thank you for providing your feedback.

We hope to hear from you soon. –ANA

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