Tallahassee, Florida
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I went on their black Friday sale, but it started on Wednesday instead. I saw a ad for a henry 30-30 I was one of the first ones at the counter I was ignored by the employees at first finally one came to help and I was told they didn't have any in stock they never received their order so I gave my name and phone #.

I was told I would get a rain check. 3 weeks went by and I was there at least 3 times a week. finally I was told by the vault person that they had them all the time and the dept manger wouldn't honor the rain check ( he issued them to his friends and family members). after a few attempts and buying shotguns for the kids.

another member told me that it was normal for bass pro shop to hide the said sales items so that they didn't lose money and tell people it was first come first serve. the dept manager and another employee told me the vault person was a liar and didn't have the guns listed on the ads. yet records showed they had 5 at the time of the sale and yet none was on display. then to top it off they put the wrong guns in the wrong cartons I got a 12 gauge instead of a 20.

they threatened to call the a.t.f. on me if I didn't return the gun. a.t.f. would have laughed at them, but then they threatened to call and have me arrested for theft.

it took an hour to get back to bass pro shop and the assist manager offered me 500 points on my card didn't even cover cost of gas.

the people at bass pro shop do not care about customers only the bottom line they are straight out liars. do not shop at the one in Tallahassee florida.

Monetary Loss: $459.

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the one in little rock, AR suck too


Hi, I found this way to report to Customer Service:

Please, stop sending any kind of letters and/or magazines to Mr. Mario Jacobo to 1215 W. Calle de Oro ,Calexico, Ca.92231-1903; he no longer lives at this address since 2013.

Note: this is an advise, please, do not Post it!!!