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I went into the gurnee store yesterday afternoon with my kids. I had driven 30 miles to buy a 12 gauge pump shot gun for my 15 year old son.

i stood at the counter for a extended period of time watching the sales staff bs with customers and thier families. Even listend to one saying he had to take a "***". Finally they noticed i was standing there with my wallet open at the counter. I had asked to see a remington pump .

The very small old man with NO customer service edicate acted like i was a problem. He slowly and reluctantly and mistakenly went to take out the wrong gun then turned to me and asked for my FOID. I handed it to him promptly then he proceded to ask me again which gun i had asked for. I was handed the firearm finally and shouldered it.

I asked him if he had a better model with a finished stock. He never answered me and looked at me like it was his first day. His attituded indicated it was not. Then i went to hand the 870 to my son to check for fitment.

He then blurts out NO! i cant have him handle it without a FOID. He has to have a FOID card ! I told him i was his father and was going to purchase the gun for him.

HE SAID NO! IM SORRY SIR ITS THE LAW, As i am NOW angered and disgusted with the type of people that work here . The guy who had to take a "***" ( who was the nicest tried to interject and ask my sons age. at least he was smart enough to know the Illinois law 18 for foid.

The other first ignorant rude employee reached for the gun saying NO. I then blurted out TAKE YOUR GUN I WILL GO ELSEWHERE AND PUSHED IT TO HIM TO TAKE. He again tried to be a smart *** and said its the LAW!. I left and drove another 15 miles to Gander mountain where i was greeted by freindly staff imediately and was shown a few different firearms.

My son and my daughter both were able to check for fitment right away. I was so impressed by thier professionalism and kindness I purchased Two firearms , paid cash and will go back monday to pick them up. I was now happy and my Father/son/daughter experience was good just as it was for me and my dad.

I just want to make something very clear, I used to hunt where gurnee mills is, I own two buisnesses and several houses. I have been a hunter since i was 6 years old with my father.

I do not ever remembor being treated like that anywhere he had ever taken me. Gander mountain used to be down the road in wilmot wi where nearby i am a pilot and hanger my plane. I am not a punk or a person that is interested in being treated so poorly from walmart of hunting supplies. sorry even walmart employees do NOT treat thier customers that way.

I will not return and will make sure everyone that asks me about this store knows how they will be treated! Good day!

it was 4:30 pm or earlier saturday Nov 19. That is the day that the small 50+ yr old little man with facial hair lost you a valueable customer.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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(b) The provisions of this Section regarding the possession of firearms, firearm ammunition, stun guns, and tasers do not apply to:

(11) Unemancipated minors while in the custody and

immediate control of their parent or legal guardian or other person in loco parentis to the minor if the parent or legal guardian or other person in loco parentis to the minor has a currently valid Firearm Owner's Identification Card;

I believe they didnt read a law because the provision is clearly here for your nonadult children, which is upsetting because you have ppl bashing you for including your kids in very normal and ordinary activities


Bass Pro is in Illinois and law says unless you have a foid card you cannot handle a gun. Gander Mt.

is in Wisconsin, maybe law there is different. You should have gotten her a foid card first or found out what the law is in Illinois.

Having a gun is a big responsibility. Know the law before you try to purchase any gun, especially for someone else.


I'm glad you posted that today I was planning on going up there to purchase my daughter a gun for home self-defense I'll go to Cabelas instead if they don't have what I'm looking for I'll go to Gander Mountain which I myself have been hunting for 40 years I know what you're saying there's a lot of ignorant people out there thanks again for sharing your story


It is the law in Illinois ***. Gander is in Wisconsin and has different laws. Bass Pro Gurnee has been nothing but great to me at the firearms counter, but then my attitude isn't like yours.


I hope you never apply for an IL CCW. You totally mishandled the situation, taught your child wrong at that instant and give gun owners a bad name. I see this was 4yrs ago and hopefully you have mellowed out.


Whiny little hillbilly, big tough guy on the Internet.


Ah, I see an uneducated man. Well suited name had a useless thought?

On a two year old post? Good for you. Now try forming a complete sentence.

Or maybe you can get your job back at the counter. Your safe now I no longer patronize that store.


He's uneducated? You wrote "Your safe now..." The correct way to write that is, "You're safe now..." People in glass houses etc. It sounds to me like he was treated badly, and if every word wasn't perfect he got his point across.


Ok so you have told us a little about yourself. How is this to help others?


You nailed it. Bass pro is ridiculous and I will boycot this dump for as long as I live


I did. It was accurate and factual. Love the ignorant comments of others.


Bass Pro shops even after being informed of this treatment and letter failed to respond or rectify. Going back to Gander mtn this weekend. happy holidays