Mishawaka, Indiana

My receipt did not provide the pass code to complete the survey or at least did not show where it was and the clerk made no mention of the survey. I could not complete the survey.

I wonder if anyone can complete it and you save money. I am extremely disappointed in Bass Pro Shops. I thought you were better than this.

I will probably not consider Bass Pro Shops in the future simply because of your poor process of taking the survey. If this is part of encouraging customers returning to Bass Pro Shops, it was in fact a complete failure.

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This is a horrible sit. Can't find or get the survey to pull up.

Not worth the effort. We had a great experience in bass pro, but finding this survey is not good customer service


Most difficult survey to find, quite a scam


I will like to thank Trent Harper for a job well done .


the receipt dose not have the information you need to complete the survey.


no, no


mike inn fishing was very helpfull


Survey wouldn't accept my transaction number (23380) said must be numeric. What?mike


I was at the Manteca store the other day and Ken P. helped me look for an item.

He was very knowledgeable and helped me a great deal.

He is an asset to your business. I will be back!



Sale man was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was served by Isaac and I guess my number was 0037084318202. Would like to sign up for the $500.00 gift card.



I checked my receipt and I can not fine a code


I just completed a survey online with no mention at the end of chance for the gift card!! Only leave your info if you want contacted!!



bass Pro Shop the best y love they have averything i need and good servers


During my visit to this store in Orlando,FL , me and my nephew were followed in the store which was racial profiling, the gentleman following us tried to make it seem that he was a customer but it was very obvious, he even followed us to check out and purchased a soda , we were in the store for at least 1 hr 1/2 , besides the fact that I was in a handicapped cart it took all I had not to expose him


this survey was misleading. Had nothing to do with my experience at Bass Pro.

This will be sent corporate and will not ever do it again. this sort of activity should be illegal.

Shame on BP for allowing this to be attached to their good name. lost your luster.

Emily at register in Foxboro was great.


Where is the SURVEY???


Same as most comments below. No survey.

Sorry Roy Wimberly Sr at the Bass Pro in Macon, Georgia. Great service by him. Bass Pro, if you don't do something about your online presence, you are going to fail.

I personally now use Cabela's when I need to purchase something online. Still love your in store shopping in Macon, Georgia because of folks like Roy and Jared, in the gun department.


There is no Bass Pro survey, is this a joke. All on Bass Pro.


could not find survey either, total waste of time. won't be back , prices *** high anyway.


did not find the survey anywhere


I am also having a very difficult time finding the survey for the possibility of winning a $500 gift card

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