Saint Louis, Missouri

Issues included are from 3 different boat owners / boats purchased in 2012 / 2013. All Sun Trackers. Boats purchased in St. Charles, Mo.

My ordeal....

1. Said they would take trade-in. I explained in accurate detail the exact repairs needed on the trade-in. They quoted me $2700. Did not have a trailer. They came and picked it up/ transported to store..called me several days later..said he could only give me $500..Told them to return my trade-in immediately...I sold the same week for $1800.

2. Finalized deal and had delivered as I was having a back operation. Boat sat in drive for about 5-6 weeks. Got a friend to come by and launch boat for me. Checked the motor to turn over....dead battery...checked battery...BAD battery.

Called BP St.Charles.....sent someone out with new battery.

Got boat in lake 2 days prior to my son coming home for visit.

3. We took boat out..could not get the new/installed trolling motor release mechanism to work. Would not unlock.

Didn't use. Days after son left, got on my side (rods in my lower back) Determined that installer had not routed the pull rope correctly. Untied and rerouted myself. Works now.

4. My boat has 2 live wells. Neither one works. There is enough pressure for a small trickle in the back live well, but nothing to the front. Called BP. They said it's under warranty, take to their shop. 1.5 hours travel, thru the heart of St. Louis. They could not come out to look at it.

1 year later, I have disconnected front live well, back live well will run, but takes appx 45 minutes to fill the well 1/2 full. I use a bucket to fill it.

Sent letters to bass pro...Got a reply from Customer Service. Said someone would be in one every got back.......

Boat # 2 on our lake...also had live well problem..pumping water out on the deck...BP came out to repair.

Boat #3..Put his boat on water...could not get motor to stop running. Pulled kill switch..still would not stop. Pulled gas line and ran gas out to stop.

Was told he called BP, told to take to dealer...they could not come out.

Bass Pro has turned their back on customer service and totally dropped the ball on Quality Control issues.

I do not recommend buying anything major from BP as they are not of good quality. Pay a little more and go elsewhere. You get what you pay for.

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