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Bought a pair of costa sun glasses from bass pro on saturday. Tried the glasses on inside bass pro, everything was great.

On the way home realized that when I saw something reflective it was bright blue, the bright mirror blue that was the same color as the lenses. Figured my eyes would just have to adjust to the lenses or something, so the next day the issue continued to happen. So i brought the glasses along with the reciept to customer service and told the customer service rep that I wanted to please exchange these glasses they're is a bright blue shimmer in the lens that was not there before when I tried them on two days ago inside of building, i believe its because of the natural sunlight that is causing the shimmer or discoloration. She inspects the glasses and asks, sir do you have the case I said no ma'm but I'll get it if you need it back, i didn't pay 275.00 for the case I paid 275.00 for the costas, anyway I agreed I would go get the case to go ahead and exchange the glasses.

She said yes your gonna need to have the case so we can exchange the glasses. I said ok, and she tells me to walk to the sunglass area where I bought them and she stuck a sticker on my bag. As I walked back I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with someone from apparel who said can I help you sir, I said yes ma'm the customer service rep. just sent me back here so I can pick out another pair of glasses i would like to exchange for these.

Oh, it was on!!! Big no no for customer service rep to have sent me back there!! So the lady from apparel tells customer service rep in a very up front and demeaning way and raising her tone , in front of me she tells her ,--you don't send people back here they have to stay up here in customer service and you have to speak with them here. she then turns me very quickly and at this point i have handed her the glasses, bag, box and may god strike me down--she pretends to look at the glasses and I'm talking quarter of a second later blurts out in some emotional way, sir I just can't return these glasses there damaged and you don't even have the sunglass box they came in i can't return these, i just can't return these." By the way the glasses looked the exact same as when I bought them and there was nothing wrong with them, it was very obvious.

Well, I don't think enough bass pro customer service seminars was gonna prepare her for what I was about to tell her. I don't think its appropriate for me to go into what I told her which wasn't bad, but the whole point in me writing this novel on this website is for people to see how not to treat a good paying customer who is also a repeat customer and has spent thousands of dollars in bass pro shop in Denham Springs, LA. The only thing the lady who I was speaking with in apparel was telling me was no, no, no, no, no. And In a very rude and disrespectful way.

She never stopped talking to just listen to what I was saying, she tried to be very combative and argumentative with me. Which was an awful customer service experience. oh it didn't stop with the lady from apparel, it gets better. So I tell her i want to speak with her manager and she gets the manager and sure enough here comes Mrs.

Livingston Parish herself 1988 black slightly curled hair bangs chopped off slight mullet and all. I explained to her the situation and she cuts right to it and starts explaining that it is bass pro policy that we cannot return any used glasses and that these glasses have damage. I told her she was insane and that it was against the laws of physics for those glasses to have any sort of damage bc I only put them on twice for about 5 minutes a piece and my hands touched the side piece and the frame of the glasses touched my face and that was it. she did the same thing that the genius from apparel did- she looked down at the glasses, looked right back up at me and became robo corporate america-- it was as if a corporate executive bass pro was standing right behind her and she said, no sir, my policy states that we cannot take back these glasses your just going to have to call costa because now its costs problem not ours.

She then went on and reminded me that I signed a sheet of paper saying that i understood they were not damaged--which i did and had nothing to do with what we were discussing because the glasses had zero damage. Well, again, I'm not sure that bass pro corporate has been putting on seminars for there managers on how to deal with a real human being who is not satisfied with the way he is being treated. again, I'm not going to put on here what I said in response, but, the conversation ended with me signing a return receipt and the bass pro manager giving me my money back for the glasses that I no longer wanted to exchange. She then said to me after she gave me my money back that I should not have been so ugly to her employees and that the world is just full of very ugly people and it just wasn't nice the way i talked to them and that their feelings were hurt and that they felt belittled.


What else could I do! I picked my jaw up off the floor and just walked out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bass Pro Shops Cons: Customer service, Lack of customer service, No initiative to solve a problem, Extremely poor and the managers on duty are very rude, Service.

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