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On 06/29/17 at 1:10 pm, I was paying for a single item I purchased at the Bass Pro Shop in Bolingbrook, IL. The item cost $6.50 and I gave the cashier, Kathy, a $20.00 bill.

Kathy gave me change for a $10.00. When I pointed out her error she insisted I gave her a $10.00. I insisted I gave her a $20.00 which was the only bill I had with me. Her superior attitude is what really angered me.

For her, It was obvious that I was either wrong or was trying to beat her out of $10.00. She called someone to the register who said they would have to reconcile the till this evening to determine if I had given the cashier a $20.00. And then, they would call me in the morning. What would it take for Kathy to replace my $20.00 in the register with a $10.00 of hers.

The till would balance and I would be the old fool and out $10.00. Nice scam. Both the cashier and the person she called to the register treated me as if I was wrong.

I was a long time Bass Pro customer. Not anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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if there is theft by cashier she doesnt need to swap $20 with $10---she only needs to take out the $10 difference

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