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I went to your Bolingbrook Illinois location after an extensive search for my first gun. My first experience at this store was wonderful. Steve took over an hour to go through a variety of guns that would work best for me and did not make me feel pressured or rushed.

When I finally decided and wanted to purchase, I returned to this location. A gentleman named Tom was the most condescending jerk I’ve ever encountered. My husband came with me and Tom asked him if he needed any help when I was clearly the one standing at the counter waiting. Once he saw it was me, he was totally dismissive and talked down to me like I was a child (I’m 41 years old). Asked me at least 4 times if I was sure the gun was for me, to which I replied yes, then he takes a cardboard poster that describes the penalties for lying, puts it down in front of my face and says “read it.” He then asked “who’s that guy with you, your boyfriend or something?” Again, I am 41 and have been married for 17 years. I’m pretty sure shopping with your spouse isn’t a crime. He asks if my husband has a FOID card and I told him no. Why would he need one? He’s not purchasing. If a man was shopping with his wife, would the wife get the same amount of scrutiny from this jerk? Highly doubtful.

Ultimately, although it’s MY gun, MY FOID, MY background check and MY money, he denies me because his “observation” is that I’m trying to make a straw purchase for my husband.

Tom had a chip on his shoulder from the second he approached me at the counter and was completely out of line, rude, inappropriate, and on the cusp of blatant discrimination.

I will never set foot in your store again as long that you find this kind of “customer service” to be okay. While you are entitled to decline someone for any reason, discriminating by gender is ILLEGAL. You might want to put Tom through some sensitivity training before someone sues you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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As a woman and an avid hunter, I figured I would chime in here. First of all, the majority of people purchasing firearms in sporting goods stores are men.

Like it or not, that's just the way it is. He probably asked him first out of habit. I don't know, maybe he's not a chameleon that can look at the both of you at the exact same time. I mean seriously, this bothers you that bad?!

What if your husband wanted the firearm and he had asked you if he could help you...would your husband be on here crying about it? The man's gotta pick a person to talk to, get over it. Maybe he thought your husband was a gentleman who was there to help you select your first firearm. As for him being condescending, he didn't have a lengthy conversation with your husband first, maybe that was just his way of talking, how would you know if he would've spoken to him in the same manner?

Maybe he sensed your overall *** attitude and that's what caused it. As for the straw purchase, you need to save yourself the drama and get over it. I know you're new to firearms and all, but the process of selling and purchasing them is absolutely no joke and is extremely imperative for everyone's safety and liability. To complain about this procedure is outright ignorant.

This is an entirely different issue that I could go on about for days. I have purchased numerous firearms and met an immense amount of sellers, and have never felt like a victim of sexism. I'm more than sure this was your attitude from the get go. My most recent purchase was a beautiful Thompson Center Muzzleloader, and second most recently a huge and stunning Ruger Revolver that I had customized.

I was also asked if I could handle these firearms. It's not a matter of sexism, it's a legitimate question regarding your safety, especially if you are inexperienced with firearms, and believe me, it's easy to tell if someone is or isn't experienced, whether or not they are male or female. So my point is, just because you have lady parts, don't act like the person selling you your first firearm should treat you like an expert sharpshooter and toss out the safety standards of the entire transaction.

As a hunter and a woman, this is the kind of behavior that I hate to see, and it doesn't gain any respect in the world of responsible gun ownership. Grow up already.


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