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Bass Pro Shop now Owns Cabelas. I exchanged a damaged Scope for a new one at Cabelas in Lacey, Wa.

I did not have the rifle with me at the time of exchange with the understanding that they are essentially the same company now and Bass Pro Shop would mount and bore sight for me. I arrived at Bass Pro and was stuck at the front for approx 20 min before someone came by to inspect and trigger lock my rifle. I then proceeded to the gun counter in the back. I was approached by a salesman who asked what I needed, and I explained that I was there to have my scope bore sighted.

He asked if I bought the scope there, I told him no, I bought it from Cabelas, he then asked if I bought the Rifle from them which I did not. He then told me that they do not work on anything that was not purchased from them, but it was up to the Technician to decide if he would do it for me. I explained that they had mounted a scope for me about 1 1/2 yrs ago and they did not ask any of those questions... they happily preformed the work that I came in for.

Then the Technician comes out from the back and has a discussion with the sales rep, and then comes over to talk to me. He told me that they do not mount scopes there which I know is a Lie, (getting upset) I clarified that "IF" I was there to BUY a scope today, they would not be able to mount it for me? He then changed his story. Again I clarified that it was from Cabelas.

He stated that even though they are essentially the same store, This was a different matter. He was rude and flat out refused to help me. I admit, I was agitated by this point, but I did not cause a scene, I thanked him for nothing and and told him I was on my way to Cabelas. Sat up front for another 20 min trying to have someone remove the Trigger lock so I could leave the store.

I believe they called security to keep an eye on me as I had 2 different Uniformed Security circle by me about 4 times while I was waiting at Customer Service to have my lock removed. This was my 4th trip to Bass Pro, Poor customer service every time, This was the only time worth reporting.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Clearly post store policy in regards to working on firearms..

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I went to Bass Pro to buy a Leaver action Browning 22, I had two sales men wanted to work with me I was filling out the Paper work and they Just Left and started waiting on a Dude Looking at a cheep Pistol I stayed there For20 Minutes and finally Walked Off , Little Rock Bass Pro Needs to change the Way they treat Customers with Cash in their Pocket's, How Rude can this Bass Pro Shop Be????


We sincerely apologize for your recent experience at one of our retail locations. As Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's continue to come together as one, we are still in the process of combining many aspects of both companies.

At this time, we are able to exchange Bass Pro and Cabela's gift cards for one another, as well as accept returns at either location for purchases made at Bass Pro or Cabela's. When more capabilities and services become available, we are happy to keep the public informed of the changes which occur.

We would like to personally address your recent situation and ask that you contact us at bpsocial@custhelp.com or basspro@custhelp.com. Thank you for providing your feedback, as it provides a vital role in improving our customer service.


I was treated Very badly At the BP Little Rock, I went in to buy a Leaver action Browning 22, they said they had one, I told them I wanted to buy it, they walked off both Salesmen and went to a dude Looking at a cheep Pistol, I had cash in My Pocket, and wanted to buy the Rifle, You Lost the sale because the salesmen Never came back to get my Paper work and take my Money I waited 30 minutes and Little Rock PB Guns section Are So Rude!!!!!!!!!

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