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We purchased a Lowrance HDS GEN 3 DEPTH FINDER @ ORLANDO Bass Pro and it was bad and was told by Lowrance that it was able to be replaced if under 2 years since Date of Purchase(Dop) ..Great news since I'm a Captain and this is used for my JOB.. LOCATED THE BOX IT CAME IN AND Receipt..but it was BLANK ..NO PROBLEM I Thought..I called Bass pro and was told 13 months is all the keep and I was I called Lowrance back and was told the same thing ..I am not happy now and called Bass Pro back and got # for Corp..No record sir...I remembered I used my points reward card and would that help ...MAYBE... THEY FOUND IT!!! DOP WAS 9/10/2016 AND trans # was 156968... I should be ok...Can you send me a copy to give to Lowrance ..NO...(?)..NOT POSSIBLE...

SO I Called Lowrance back and got the same guy that says ..No receipt...No replacement.. I asked for a supervisor and he explained it would be an extremely long wait ...ok...its a $3400.00 issue ..and Craig answered ...he was a knowledgeable chap and made me feel as if he CARED..FIRST PERSON...HE Stated that he has heard the Bass Pro has issues with the receipts going blank ..and I need to get S# And M# and call him back ..incident # was 180426-000948.. I felt better ... Called back and Craig was on phone and we as 6 people deep and I was not ok... The guy asked his superior and was told THAT NO ACTUAL RECEIPT ..NO WARRANTY ..Cause at Lowrance give s# and m# and your warranty starts from date they shipped out to Bass Pro..which happened to be 12/ without actual receipt ..even though Bass pro sees Dop and trans#. I was still screwed ... After emails and calls I was told by BASS PRO THAT MY TRANS# WASNT SHOWING A LOWRANCE... are you kidding me ....

I called and after 20 minutes telling me that no $3400.00 purchase was showing ..through the 20,000 of purchases ..she realized that the actual trans# wasn't actually searched and was overlooked this whole time ...(3 different times) and SHE FOUND IT ....I haven't had depth finder useable in over a week and it is my job ...I did nothing wrong and 2 huge companies let me down and I was basically told BUY ANOTHER ONE...3400 is a lot and I didn't take NO FOR AN ANSWER...

COPY YOUR RECEIPTS AND USE THE APP TO SAVE DATA Cause this happens all the time and you are nobody to Bass pro and Lowrance

And I spend a lot with both ..or I did

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowrance Hds Gen3 Fish Finder.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Dumas W

Waiting on Lowrance to see if they accept what I have received via email

@Dumas W

Good morning TenNightingale, we are very sorry for the issues you have had obtaining a copy of your receipt. We understand you are currently awaiting a response from Lowrance.

If your attempt is unsuccessful, please contact us via email at We would very much like to assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation to proceed with your manufacturer warranty claim. Please include your name, phone number, details of the problem, and also mention this post in your email. Thank you.

We look forward to serving you. –ANA

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