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Bought boat 1 yr. ago. Bought some additional items and had them put it on, took a month to get an appointment then they kept it for 3 weeks. Then I had a broken

Windshield I called and everytime

It was a recorder it 6 days for anyone to call back. Then they said they were to busy. We 60 miles to speak to someone. Worst customer service ever. I also have a 2 yr. Card for 10% off but it is only off basspro items no tracker items like boat items. Tracker is in basspro but is not part of them.

So tell me why on our discount card does it say basspro and Tracker, the very worst. I hope people will stop going to them.

This store I go to is in Manteca Ca.

I think reading and agreeing to your area

Is worthless because I don't think anyone will do anything...Pat

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