Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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I placed a 230$ order online, they forced me to use paypal so I did. I checked my visa to make sure the money was withdrawn correctly and it was.

Eight days later I found out they cancelled my order and did not notify me. Neither did paypal now my money is locked up for 15 days apparently.

Basspro said they emailed me, they didn't they also say they do not know why it got cancelled. I assume it's cause I used their free promo code for free shipping on orders over 49$ I am gonna place this order out of spite again and see if they let it go through, then I will never shop there again, even though their store is awesome, I think they show their true colors online.

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1. No one forces you to use paypal


You could have missed a letter in your email. Which is why you didn't get the email.


They don't just cancel your order for free shipping. They'd have no business if they did that.

Silly girl lol


How does anyone force you to use paypal? You didn't have to go through with the order. Is there a number you can call to talk to someone if your having problems?