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I got a BPS gift card for christmas. I don't have a store near me so I ordered online.

My first order went thru fine. Two days later they tell me they actually don't have the item so I'll have to wait 30 days and then be refunded after that if they still don't have it. I called to cancel. that was ***.

I ordered something else. That order went through fine. Two days later they email me saying the same thing, that they actually don't have it so it too was backordered. I paid extra for two day shipping.

Now this is day 5 or 6. My trip (the trip I needed this gear for) is only one day away (hence my 2 day shipping payment). After talking for many unpaid hours with their paid-hourly staff, I find out their website doesn't update, and will allow poor suckers like me to give them money without them actually doing anything for me in return. I had to wear a trash bag as rain gear since this happened.

Now, I finally received the jacket (17 days after the order) but it has a rip in it ruining the waterproof nature of the thing. After three phone calls and chats, the 4th person I talked to said they will send me a color I don't care for in a few days and charge me if I don't send the old ripped one back.

What a horrible experience. I would never had dealt with any of this but I unfortunately got a gift card for their company and can't use it anywhere but this problematic website.

Reason of review: Poor CS, Prob. with delivery, damaged, AND exchange policy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: I just want to spread awareness so people avoid shopping here and the pain and suffering they potentially cause the customer. Buy from anywhere else if you can!.

Bass Pro Shops Pros: Stores.

Bass Pro Shops Cons: Website.

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Good morning, Anonymous. We are very sorry for the issues you have encountered with your recent order.

Please contact us with details at so that we may further assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a good day. –ANA

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