Versailles, Kentucky
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why has bass pro quit selling the ipilot add on for trolling motors. this is crazy .they seem to be trying to manipulate the consumer into buying what they are offering.

why do all the big stores do this. Walmart is getting just as bad . seems like greed starts and then the downfall. that's all right, there are plenty of other places that do sell and at much better prices.

the sad thing is they bought cabelas and will ruin them too. Walmart is getting just as bad .

at one time they had great internet prices and now they are higher than anyone. greed eventually wins out.

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Good morning, Anonymous. It sounds like you are referring to the iPilot remotes.

These are not currently available as MinnKota has a new product coming out. We do not have a specific timeframe currently, but stay tuned for when these items are released!

We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience that this has caused for you. -BNM


I thought it might be the troubles with I-pilot and the remotes. I'm working on sending mine back.

It was working fine for several minutes then went nuts. I'd read that other people's were doing the same thing. I'm so sad about it. I had my 82 year old dad with me, expecting to have some nice fishing days with the spot lock.

We have some great crappie holes and it'd be nice just to sit over them w/o much work. I put a lot of work hooking that thing up and then unhooking it and boxing it back up. Sucks. I'd pay for for it, if it worked.

I think they need more reliablity testing or some more engineering work on this product. I'd like to have test equipment at home to see if I could find the solution.

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