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First I’d like to say thank you do you always have the best Santa . But nowhere on your advertisement does it say that you will be turned away from the line to see Santa an hour and a half before the time Santa goes home.My family and I arrived at 6:30 PM after advertisements said Santa left at 8 PM we were turned away being told all the passes were out and no more children could see Santa.

My child is too young to understand and happily went to build a bear but the two children behind us became teary-eyed wanting an answer to why Santa did not want to see them they honestly could not understand they said they have been to children the sign said 8 PM . Something like this could be avoided by possibly having and sign at the front door before you even get near Santa.

Possibly a sign that says the lines are full we are in the Fort Myers Naples area we drove all the way from Naples it is an hour drive with the impression that an hour and a half would be enough time but as I stated we appreciate your service just felt a little disheartened for the children that didn’t understand because they have been good children maybe we could avoid something like that from happening . Thank you for your time

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We sincerely apologize for the issue you have encountered while visiting Santa’s Wonderland in one of our retail stores. Please send us your name, a good daytime phone number, store location, and description of the situation to basspro@custhelp.com, so that we may forward this issue to our Retail Administration and the store manager for review and response.

Best regards. -AA

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