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I ordered the Johnny Morris Carbonlite 2.0 on 18 Feb 2018 . this item showed " in stock ".

After i submitted the order i received an email stating this item was " No longer available ". I emailed them to clarify what this meant and was told it would not be backordered. The flier does not state 'Limited to quantities on hand " so this item should be available for backorder.

Customer service was of no help after i tried to cancel the remaining order. I enjoyed shopping Bass Pro but will have to reconsider doing business with them after this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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We sincerely apologize for your poor shopping experience with Bass Pro Shops. Customer satisfaction is very important to us as a company and we hate to hear of these instances where your needs have not been met.

When an item is out of stock, we must have an estimated date of arrival for our next shipment provided by the manufacturer in order to backorder an item. We are sorry we were unable to do so in your case. Please email us at for additional assistance. Thank you for your feedback.

Hope you have a wonderful day. –ANA


Almost identical story at the Bass Pro Shop in Pearland, Texas. Mail flyer states the Carbonlite 2.0 combination was on sale for $119.97.

I found a bunch of left handed units but when I asked about right handed they said they were all gone, sold out!! I asked why they had a flyer at the front door advertising them if they didn't have any and they said they wouldn't be getting any more. The guy even told me they had people come in and buy 15 outfits for themselves. I sort of doubt that but you can't tell.

Problem is this isn't the first time they didn't have what they advertised.Bad enough they do this to people but there was road work, building a major interchange at the location plus toll roads. Took me about an hour each way and $6.00 in tolls just to get a we don't have it, aren't getting anymore, and there are no rain-checks. I was offered a deal on a much lower quality, at least I think, I know it was a lot heavier, but nothing for any better quality product.

I was thinking they could at least reduce the price on the item above to make the trip more palatable but got no cooperation.Academy sports and Dick's are both closer and will probably be getting a "closer" look from me next time. Either that, or just throw the sale papers in the trash without reading them.

@Captain 47

I also went to the Bass Pro store in Hanover, MD on 2/18/18. I attempted to purchase the Carbonlite 2.0 combination that was on sale for $119.97.

As expected, all out of stock. I was issued a rain check and I'm still waiting (3/24/18) for a telephone call saying it is in. Bass Pro has the exact Carbonlite 2 reel and Rod in-stock sitting on their shelves, but are only be sold as individual items.

You would think Bass Pro could use the individual items to make up the combo. I'm starting to think, the advertised sale was just to get you in the door with only a limited amount of combos available, even though there are plenty of the same items sitting on the shelves as individual items.

@Jim Kane

Update, I did get a telephone call from Bass Pro on 3/26/18. The Hanover, MD store did honor my rain check and had the Carbonlite 2.0 combo at the store and was holding it for me. I picked up the Carbonlite combo same day at the sale price of $119.97.

@Jim Kane

Harrisburg, PA BPS would not give me a rain check for the same item. That was the item we drove four and a half hours round trip for.

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