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First I have been a loyal customer of Bass Pro Shop for a long time But what happen on a recent trip to Memphis. My wife and I and our two Grand Children stay at The Big Cypress Lodge.

We all thought that place was amazing! We stay for a couple days. As we were leaving I wanted to purchase some Tee shirts with the logo on it for the Kids and Me OK. They were out of them.

Then the associate ( Fallene Johnson) told me when they came in she would send them to me(Really)! I told my wife that would never happen. Well in about three weeks I receive a phone call from Fallene. She told me my Tee Shirts had come in.

I could not believe it. She said she would send to my home store (Leeds). WOW nobody does that anymore. In about three more weeks I receive another phone call, It was Fallene again.

She said my shirts were at Leeds. But they didn't have any info on me. No problem I would pic them up. I couldn't believe this service, above and beyond, I was very pleased with the hold process.

If I would be lucky enough to receive the $500.00 gift card I think we should give it to Fallene Johnson for a job well now! Very proud to be a Bass Pro Shop Customer.

Wayne Cook PS: Maybe give Fallene $500.00 and me $500.00 HA! HA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Wayne, I'm so pleased to hear that you had such a great experience in our Pyramid store! It's always a pleasure to hear about above-and-beyond customer experiences.

We hope to see you again soon! Best Regards, NSK

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