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Went to the Independece, Missouri Bass Pro today to pick up some stuff as i was in the city anyway. They had an ad for kids to see Santa and get a free picture.

Went and got in line when some sales person came up and asked if we had a card, my response was what card as nothing was stated in the ad. She told me they were out of cards and basically to get out of line. So there I was with my 5 yr old seeing Santa up there but being told to leave. Last year at the local John Deere dealership there was no such problem, they even gave him a free toy along with his picture.

I talked to a "Manager", in other words, a college educated *** and he told me that one ad mentioned the card so i showed him where the ad that i received did not. As I live about 80 miles away I didn't purchase anything on this trip and I WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Cabela's is a 30 mile further drive but is well worth it. Please boycott this horribly managed company and lets show them that Capitalism works, we boycott, they go on "Unemployment"

Monetary Loss: $75.

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"A college educated ***" so anyone who is educated must be a pompus *** is that it? Quit complaining about a free service, which probably did state that a card was required to meet Santa


its FREE, so stop complaining. If you dont like it then stop being a cheap ***: go PAY to see Santa somewhere else. Bass pro obviously does it to attract shoppers to make $$


We went to the Bass Pro in Pearland, TX. It was stated in the radio ad that the Bass Pass was only going to be used if the line was over 30 minutes.

We got to the store at 1:30 and was given a 3:00 pass. We shopped around until our time was called. We got in line and made it to the front of the line. We were next, when a huge group of people who had obviously just gotten to the store, with 2 and 2:30 passes were whisked to the front of the line.

We were told that we would have to wait until these people all had their turn. After waiting for over 2 hours, we just left. The kids were so upset. I called the manager and got a bunch of BS from him.

He said that the Bass Pass was a huge success and lines had never moved faster. Until this we had never had to wait in line for more than 30 minutes. This was our last trip to Bass Pro. We had a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff in our cart we were buying for Christmas gifts, but we just left it all there and walked out.

Horrible management and planning.


You'll never be able to boycott Bass Pro. As much negative post you or someone else gives there are at twice as many positive comments received about them. Every big box store has issue's and there is no perfect retail store out there.......Funny as I don't see Cabelas providing any free Christmas events for its customers.


Absolutely Agree! Bass Pro here in Tempe, AZ was the same way.

Nothing is their ad states that you must HAVE the bass pass to see Santa, just that it helps decrease your wait time. We to had an 80 mile round trip just to get there and be told that we can't see Santa.

Horrible, horrible thing to do to customers! I to will no longer be giving them my business either!