Toronto, Ontario

One week ago we bought the meat grinder by LEM, number 5 from Bass Pro/Outdoor World at Vaughan Mills (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada). When we were choosing this product, nobody had ever proposed any assistance or help. Later when we opened the box at home, we found that opening (hole) in tray is too small. We tried to grind meat and stuff the sausage but it was a terrible experience as you can`t stuff sausage alone, you need someone who has to push meat via that opening. For a 5 years we have been using the Waring Pro meat grinder (which cost us about $80 plus tax) and wanted to get a new more powerful meat grinder that is why we paid $270 for LEM #5 meat grinder. But nobody had ever explained us what the number 5 means ( later we discovered that it means how many lbs per minute this grinder is processed), so we could make more informed decisions regarding meat grinder by LEM (for example, we could choose another number).

When we came to the store to return this product, the customer service representative had the phone conversation with a manager who instructed to give us only store credit. We told that we don't want store credit and wish to get our money back, and called for the manager. The manager (or whoever he is), named Dan from camping/gift department, started to scrim on my husband, that he can offer only store credit, and after the husband's question to show written policy, which is saying that after 7 days after purchase you can get only store credit as a refund (taking into that you have original receipt), the manager screamed that he can throw my husband with this box out of the store (???). I step into the conversation saying that we don`t satisfied with this product (and would agree to get $50 as a store credit as my husband is a fisherman and the difference in $220 in cash) and the manager said to my husband that he will speak only with me and will return money to me. It was very humiliated for my husband and for me.

My personal opinion, that this manager Dan couldn`t handle the conversation in “normal” calm tone and couldn`t extinguish any husband`s concerns without screaming at him and without trying to intimidate him. It is very sad that this person Dan has to represent the management in Bass Pro/Outdoor World at Vaughan Mills. He is emotionally unstable to handle any unhappy customer.

So, dear customer be aware that the Bass Pro may fail to treat your return according to their return policy and you will have to fight for those rights!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

  • return policy misinformation
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