Cuba City, Wisconsin

BassPro Shops shipping is a deal breaker. They charge you out the *** for shipping, but the efficiency of that shipping is of the lowest quality possible.

I placed 2 different online orders, each over $400. I paid $70 and $80 extra for 2 day express. I have also ordered standard shipping, but still got a nosebleed from the expense. I received the 2 day express items after 9 days.

With regular shipping, I received one item (shipped from the manufacturer) 3 days after the order was placed, the remainder of those items Bass Pro decided to send via this "SmartPost" garbage. It has passed through my town 3 times so they can get it to the post office. I still haven't received it and the tracking indicates it will still be 3 more days before FedEx and USPS. This is nuts!

It went from Missouri, through my town in Iowa to get to Moline Ill. From Moline it went back through Iowa (and my town) to get to Burlington USPS. From There it went back through my town to get to Milan Ill where the post office hub distributes it back to our post office. To make a long story short: NEVER pay for speedy shipping from BassPro, it will only cost you mega bucks for shipping that's slower than regular shipping.

Then, if you don't pay for fast(??) shipping, they make sure it is delayed to the point that if it's something you need you NEVER get it on time. This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

I don't see how they can stay in business. Gander Mountain and Cabela's are decent, you can actually get free shipping that's quick, and you get the same products, same quality, same manufacturers etc.

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Same exact experience. I agree, get it somewhere else, they all are charging retail plus shipping but this smartpost shipping blows.


I'm also experiencing this horrible issue.Almost 2 weeks now for a ship to store item!?!?Next time I will buy directly from the manufacturer.Bass Pro is just another giant box store in business to rip the consumer off.NEVER AGAIN!!!


Have recently had a similar experience. Put 3 day shipping on my product 8 days ago and am yet to see my fishing gear.

Then when I call to complain they just point the finger at someone else and can't tell me any information. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT BASS PRO AGAIN and I would suggest looking to other places for your gear.