Newburyport, Massachusetts
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Good afternoon,

My issue is with your discount policy regarding police/fire/EMS/military personnel. I will not specify to which location nor in which capacity i frequent the store, but I will say this issue has occurred on more than one occasion.

I am a Firefighter/EMT, and received a discount but my friend, who was also an EMT, but not associated with a Fire department did not. When asked why, the associate stated they only give discounts to EMS providers associated with Fire Departments. I found this outrageous, and extremely embarrassing for my friend that was denied the discount in front of a busy line, while your associate basically stated he did not merit the discount because his ambulance was no associated with the Fire service. After speaking to the manager, I was able to rectify the situation, though i believe it was only due to the obvious scene we were creating, and the manager did not want to draw any unwanted attention.

I went into another Bass pro store the week after, and the same thing happened. This is ridiculous and for the sake of all EMS providers, i highly suggest you educate your employees.

Also, being a Firefighter, the only way i could prove that i was indeed so, I had to be wearing a job shirt with my department logo or apparently wearing a fire helmet, because in my state, "Firefighter ID cards" aren't issued and only a select-few career firefighters receive them. I am upset at the situation itself, and its not even about the discount, I just don't find it just that 18 year old Joe Schmo can get on a volunteer fire department with no certifications and roll hose and get a discount, but a 5 year EMT-P who narcans drug addicts in a shady crack house, does not receive one.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Shame to hear this!

What I mean is, it is a shame to hear of an employee in the Fire/EMS service causing such a ruckus about a discount.

Most fire departments have policies regarding this; they will state that discounts should NOT be asked for!

I apologize on behalf of all respectful people associated with the Fire/EMS service for how rude these two patrons were.

Love BPS, keep up the good work!


I can see how you are annoyed by the situation. I am a firefighter/ EMT myself.

But let me tell you something: These Discounts are a gift from the company dont act like such a cheapskate and ask for it. if you get it thats great but if you dont its not the end of the world.

We chose this career path. We are not heroes nor are we any better better than the people without a discount so get off your high horse and stop embarrassing the department you represent!


Awesome reply. Thank you.

I am a wounded veteran and I tired of firefighters and police expecting discounts. Getting paid, very well in most cases, and receiving a pension is more than sufficient.


Same for you. You're not Better than anyone else.


You sound like a real ***. You should expect, nor throw a childish fit for not receiving a discount. If that's why you are is the service, you should re evaluate you values.


Your a ***. Public complaint about your buddy on a non department box not getting a discount, then you knock a volly? Keep it up Tommy Gavin...


I just left basspro in OkC and ever since they opened several years ago I have gotten a police discount. I went in tonight and checked out and was told by clerk police don't get a discount.

I had him get manager and she confirmed police don't get discount only the military. Cabelas just got built a few miles away.

Cabelas here I come.


Seriously, what a welfare crybaby. You need to remember that you have a choice.

You could be a number of things but your choice should not entitle you to a discount when others have to pay full price. You sir and others like you are nothing more but welfare seeking crybabies. You do not deserve to wear a badge or represent the public.

The men and women who pick up trash also work in public service, see and smell nasty things and yet no discounts. Do not lower yourself below the level of trash these public servants pick up without a discount.