Fayetteville, North Carolina

Bass Pro Shop in Cary, North Carolina can't be trusted at all. Have had several bad experiences at this place.

Bought a new Bass Tracker Pro 175, 2014, speed odometer didn't work, then with one person in the boat fishing out of the front, it nearly tilted me over board. Went to trade it for a safe board, was looking at a Nitro Z6, at the last minute I received an email telling me to check the complaints on this type of boat. Sure enough, there were hundreds of complaints about the fiberglass and hull cracking. Then it really concerned me when another consumer told me his had multiple cracks in the hull and what really shocked me was his Nitro was purchased from Bass Pro Shops in Concord, North Carolina and this is where Cary's Bass Pro Shop was bringing my new boat from.

I backed out of the deal right away and had my $2000.00 down payment credited back to my account. Then when looking at the sales agreement the day before, I had ordered on one option for the boat and that was the second console which cost $535.00. On the sales agreement they had me down for $2535.00 in boat options. Then they was suppose to correct that and sent me a new one and it had me down for $3005.00 in boat options.

They have hundreds and hundreds of complaints on the internet against then. They don't honor warranty service.

No wonder John Morris is so rich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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