Arlington, Tennessee
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Here lately BPS Employee's Customer Service has gone down hill!! They need to get a grip on those certain employee's (Yes, Top Dog Manager their does no who they are).

Either pull em back in there office, give a choice and if they dont follow by it - get rid of em.

Or maybe the Big Dog Manager needs to hit the road and have someone else take control of the situation. I love my BPS, but the few idiots that work there need to go.Check it out for yourself, men's or woman's department(NOT CAMO WEAR).Just watch and see for yourself, the employee's that are friendly and NOT......

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

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I agree 100% with Sugar. Incompetent, greedy and heartless management.


I drove 60 miles for Bass Pro 6 hour sale on black Friday. Got to the Altoona, Iowa store early.

They said they were sold out in 20 minutes. It seems pretty unethical to advertise with no reasonable expectation to meet demand. I'll admitt they suckered me.

They won't get another chance because I won't go back. Cabela's and Scheels have much better business standards and service.


Lazy,Dumb, guy didn't even offer to cut my arrows. And I didn't know that when you buy arrows they are supposed to cut them for you.

Also didn't even ask me for my bass pro rewards card.

Young punk who's parents probably made him get a job. Bass pro in Rancho Cucamonga Ca, suxx'


The Bass Pro In Destin Florida Sucks


Its funny the majority of the posts are from people who usually think they deserve something for nothing. I have shopped there many times and found adequate service everytime.But I guess if i wanted to be a complainer I could write issues on every visit everywhere. My grandmother tells me some people are never happy.


I love Bass Pro and shop there often, I myself have never had a bad experience. I sure hate to see complaints about the chain....I hope these are just a few knuckle headed employees causing problems and not the company itself.


i purchased a belt bps but the belt was wrong size and mailed it back with included return label. contacted bps they stated no evidence of return and said sorry .they didn,t ask for full name or address just gave stock reply sorry. they stated no tracking info they can,t help me but they cashed in the gift card quick enough.


I received a jacket for a Christmas gift that doesn't quite fit. The San Antonio Rim location, where the jacket was purchased, doesn't have any my size in stock after going there to make an exchange.

Since I didn't have the receipt, the San Antonio Rim location has a 90-day look back price, which is different than the web site return policy states, and made the jacket half the price of what I know the person paid for it a few weeks ago and is priced at now. I guess I understand why they do that, someone probably bought stuff on sale and tried to return it for a higher price. I think to myself that maybe they'll make a trade for a different jacket, but no. After talking to customer service, and then the manager, no one could pull their head out of their undersides long enough to see past the policy.

They could have made a customer for life, but instead they chose to treat me like some kind of thief trying to rip them off. I was about to lay down more cash to get another jacket, and plenty of other gear. I had a Carhardtt in my hands!

In fact, I'd probably spend a few thousand dollars in that store over the next few years. They will never see a dime from me, ever, and all for $30 dollars, I will never shop there again.


i will tell you the *** is the white shirts (supervisors) they are so *** and have no clue how to run a business. the employees are treated with no respect, no pat on the back, bust our *** for these *** and get nothing in return. The pay sucks for what we do too...worst job ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!