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It has gotten so bad shopping at Bass Pro. You are constantly hit up to apply for a credit card.

If I want a credit card I'll go to a Bank. Now they want you to comment on their store with a survey and offer a chance to win $500.00 gift card but you have to give an email address. I was on their list for a while and I would get 1 or more emails a day about sales.

I changed my email to get rid of it and now they badger you on every purchase and require it to try to give your opinion on the store. I will start buying products from the small mom and pop stores where you get conversation instead of "How about a credit card to save you money" and now can I have your email address.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My god, just tell them "no" and move on.


Good morning, Anonymous. We are very sorry to hear of the poor experience that you encountered while shopping at your local Bass Pro Store.

It is certainly not our intent to inundate you with requests while you are shopping. We would like to take this opportunity to forward your comments and concerns to the store manager as well as our Retail Administration Team for review. Please email us at and mention this post. Please also provide your contact information and any pertinent details that you would like passed along.

We look forward to hearing from you! --BNM

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