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I used to work for licienced store with in the bass pro #55. The HR person.

When I first started accused 2 of manager for talking bad about me when we all had lunch together nothing happens she complaint to our reginal. Then she would complain about me talking to her staff or me not being at my kiosk when I was. Then biggest one was she found out 3 days before her complaint I am bi sexual.

Then complaint saying I was have conversations about sex with her employees when it her employees picking on my friend sexually asulting them for being friends with me. She has made my time I'm Bass pro a living *** she picks who she likes and who every she doesn't makes them live *** She is horrible HR discriminates against colour and sexuality because I'm latina and bisexual and I don't even work for her I work partnership store

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Yes, yes we hear your claim to be a "victim" somehow. Hard to get on in life by being so.

Probably best, with your immense qualifications to find another job where your talents are better appreciated.

You are, most likely over-qualified for the position you are in now. Time to move on.

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