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I called up to order a boat. The sales man Dan took my deposite and said his boss would call me tomorrow becausw he had to make the call to get it on the next truck for delivery. I never received the call. I waited over a week and called to complain. I received the call back to say it was in the works. A couple more weeks went by with no word. I called back to speak to a finance lady. Just then i was told nothing could have been done untill the finance approval was finalized. Now if that was told to me right off the bat things would have gone quicker on my end too. Then she said she had no idea of the shipping times. I again called back to complain and spoke with someone. He then made a phone call and called me back to say it was going on the truck that day and would be in on Monday. I called back on Monday to see. I left a message with a manager to say i know how it works and a simple phone call to track it was so easy to do. He then left me a message to say I would be called when it arrived. Now it has been over a MONTH. There is also a shipping charge included into the purchase of the boat.So why is it so hard to do I ask ? I was told that they had no way to contact the trucker or trucking company to track the shipment. Now what a bunch of BS that is. I then called back again and questioned a boat sales men. He had said he just spoke to the TRUCK DRIVER to ask about the shipment of another boat on the load. Not my boat. So see even a salesmen was able to contact the trucker . Now the higher up manager who had said he called was lieing and never made the call to check for me. ThE OFFICE finance paper work lady said there way no way to contact them. I still have not received a call to say it is in. It is now Wed . A couple days after i was told it would be in. Nobody knows *** . One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. There is no set proto call for this process. So now if i never called back to question what i was told about the manager calling the company the next day to get the "sold" boat on the next shipment. IF i didnt do that then it would not have gotten done.

I am a pissed off disabled Vet and have missed alot of prime Bass Fishing time on the new Pro 165 Bass Tracker boat which i am still waiting for.

I honestly believe I should receive some compensation for all of the issues I have been having trying to get this boat. My money is good and that was all they have cared about. When I had asked a manager about being compensated for these issues he said he couldnt do anything and didnt know who I should talk to.

They should throw in a 10 percent discount on the total price for being a disabled Marine Vet first,

Then throw in a simple boat and motor cover to be compensated for THEIR issues of not knowing how to do something properly other then just takeing my money.

Boy and I pissed off. All this wasted time I could have bought a different boat somewhere else.

I have alot of fishing buddies and WILL NOT RECOMEND DOING ANY SHOPPING of anything at the Foxboro Ma. Bass Pro shop or any other of their shops/stores for ANYTHING!!!

I tried being patient and let it go along on the natural course of sales. But I have to be a greasy wheel and call and complain to everyone to get any and all action happening.

The sad thing is that their mentality id that they are so big of a company a simple buyer of a 15 g boat is a *** hole in the snow to them and it does not matter at all.

I want some action!!! I want my boat !!! I want to be compensated for my anguish , fristration and for gioving me the "sales" run around. It is simple to tell people what they want to hear for the average person. But they picked the wrong guy to try to give the run around right from day one!! Sales man Dan didnt folow through with what he had told me.He should not get any kind of commision for the sale or anything.

I should have been in the boat fishing many weeks ago. And I am sure once it is in i will be giving the run around for somehting else.

THe president of the store should know, he should also do a 10% discount for all Vet's as well just like all the other large chains do . Ex: Home Depot and Lowes do it.

I want my baot and to be compensated for all that they have dropped the ball on. No reason why they can not.

Now I even had planned tp buy a FEW hundred dollars of fishing and boating equipment for the boat. Not now. I will go else where.

Oh in the add i saw to call and order the boat from said I should also get a 500 dollar gift card with the purchase. Now lets see how they try to wiggle out of this and not compensate me above and beyond the card.

I want just and fair action.

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