Denham Springs, Louisiana

Purchased one of the "Resort Vacation" packages in Bass Pro Shop back in Dec. 2014.

Tried to book, and asked for the names of some of the "top hotels" that we would be able to stay with. Checked them out online. The reviews ran the gamut from "unclean", being nicely put, to "roach infested, filthy places to stay". "unsafe".....electrical problems, theft problems, you name it!

I did call and ask for a refund, and it is supposedly being credited back to my credit card account. I wanted to make this known to others that they are wasting their time if they decide to purchase one of these vacation packages. We knew we would have a high pressure sales pitch, but we are at a stage in our lives to be able to purchase a time share if we want one, and able to walk away from the sales pitch if it is not what we want.

However, to have to stay in an infested motel, that is unsafe for a couple of days for a "free" vacation (?) is beyond what we are willing to do. Shame on Bass Pro Shops for even being a party to this "resort".

Reason of review: I feel that Bass Pro Shops is doing a dis-service to their customers by even allowing Bluegreen Resorts to sell out of their stores. They are making money off of these sales, and I understand that. However, Bluegreen is ripping off Bass Pro Shops Custom.

Preferred solution: Thoroughly investigate the company that they are associated with, such as Bluegreen, look at ALL of the customer complaints online against them, and the lawsuits. Make an informed decision from there. .

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