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Beware of false advertisement. Advertises a clearance price of $34.99 for a shoe that sells for $54.99.

Put in the size and color selection and went to check out. Price is $54.99, called customer service, what a joke, I am told that the clearance price is only for a ridiculous shoe size, men's 7 and 14, in camo. Nowhere does the clearance ad on a mobile device state "starts at" as the basically nonexistent customer service personnel claim.

Hey, here's a thought, Bass Pro Shops, cut out your customer service department, after all, there is really no service involved other than agitating already upset customers, and pass the savings onto your customers by really selling what you advertise. Enough said.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: People to be aware of how shady this store is..

Bass Pro Shops Cons: Lack of customer service, Unavailable sale items.

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The customer service person doesn't make those decisions. So calling up someone making minimum wage and yelling at them says a lot about the person you actually are.


You know what they say about assuming? Well, you made statements and assumptions in your reply to my experience with Bass Pro Shops Customer Service department.

Were you on the phone with me or in my house while I was on the phone? I don't think so, if you were, you would know at no point did I raise my voice.

I think you have missed the point of the words Customer Service. The fact that you are so spineless as to post this anonymously says something about the person you are.