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I have bought many products at Bass Pro and they have always been customer serviced. I also realize the issues we are facing with the govt and gun control.

I went to the Garland store and saw they finally had 22 LR ammo.... I was told I could only by one caliber and one box. I was also told that I was in the shop and always buying ammo and was told that I should shoot less. I am very upset that I am a customer..

I was not asking to buy out ammo but wanted to buy a second box so that my son can shoot my 22 pistol with me that I purchased from Bass Pro and has been sitting in the safe because of lack of Ammo. The last time I checked we live in the USA and we should not be rationing ammo or anything else if someone would like to purchase. I will be moving my business to Cabelas and will be telling everyone I know. I do not believe in reaming a company but they have people behind the counter supporting the administrations views...

The last time I checked I thought Bass Pro was in business to make money... They will be *** many customers off due to these policies....

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Bass Pro Shops limits ammo purchases so that they can serve more customers throughout the day. The problem is that when Obama and his gun grabbers went nuts after Sandy Hook, people started hoarding ammo. One customer at one of our BPS stores walked in and practically bought out an entire shipment of .223s as soon as they came in.