Jackson, Tennessee

I am a clean cut, well dressed, well spoken, sunday school teacher and was followed around Bass Pro in Sevierville, TN by security with 2 way radios until the point I felt so uncomfortable that I decided to leave. I have no idea what made them think I deserved to be treated in this manner.

I could hear them talking about me, my race and clothing description on their radios! I asked if there was a problem and was told that they were just observing shoppers. What??? I have spent thousands in that store in the past, it WAS my favorite place to shop until now.

They actually followed me all the way to the door and I think they even made an attempt to write down my license plate number.

I AM VERY UPSET :( I WILL NEVER BUY FROM BASS PRO SHOPS AGAIN! Cabelas and Gander Mtn will be getting my business from now on.

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I would go there every chance I got just to irritate these idiots. Meanwhile the real shoplifter is filling up his pants while they watch you.


Why is it always about race? Everytime you don't get what you want you use the outdated and overplayed race card.

@So sad

It is so true at this store no race card they do this to alot of people