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I am done with Bass Pro Shop. I have often noticed that the store in Spanish Fort, Alabama was staffed with young people that (1.) do not know what they were doing, and (2.) do not care. We often see them standing around talking to each other while customers are looking for someone to help them. The most recent experience was Thanksgiving night. I went in looking for the scent lock clothes that were on sale. I finally found someone to ask who told me that they were not on sale until the next day. I then brought her the ad and showed her they were on sale Thursday. When I asked which ones were on sale, she looked around, asked someone else and finally pointed me to a rack. I picked out a set and went to pay. We stood in line while we watched over 10 people get checked out next to us while the cashier stood and DID NOTHING. the line continued to grow. No one helped her. When the cashier in the next aisle heard me make a comment to my mother about it, she very rudely turned around and told me that it was not the cashier's fault, but it was the sales people upstairs that would not get her a price check. When we finally got to the front of the line to check out, the cashier told us what we had was not on sale. I explained we were told that this was the sets on sale and she very rudely got the ad and showed me saying, "See, these don't even look like the picture." She finally called up stairs and to my amazement the SAME GIRL that helped us upstairs come to the register with a different set of clothes. They were cheaply made, very thin and not near the same quality. The manufacturers tag was the full price in the ad. When I showed her that those were not on sale, she explained that was the full price for those, but it is a cheaper set that they usually do not carry. I told her never mind and left.

I now go back with my 9 month old daughter to get our picture made with Santa. This is obviously her first Christmas and her first trip to see Santa. We waited in line for 30 minutes, which was what we expected and was fine. But then when we finally got to the front, from the time my husband started walking down to Santa with my daughter to the time he picked her up after the picture was 26 SECONDS. I know exactly how long it was because I was video taping the first trip to see Santa and could look at the seconds after it was over. If you blink you miss it. The picture is horrible. She is not even settled in Santa's lap. It look like she was dropped in his lap and the second she was, the picture was taken.

If I am going to pay for the overpriced merchandise in the store for the experience, the least I could expect is that the experience be decent. I AM OVER IT! That will be my last trip to this store where the associates obviously could not care less about the customers.

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