Ridgeland, Mississippi

Well I don't belive it's your employees that or causing the problems. Personally I truly believe it's the managers.

Couse u or not teaching them to try and help the customers. And I did put my phone number in their ,please don't use it. Or gmail me.

Now I'm going to help u out. Pay close attention.

If u or going to tell sombody something, be sure it's the truth. And when u have any more problems like this. Have your staff trained to try and help. Instead of walking off.

Like zombies on drugs.

Thank u again for helping me save my money. I spend money like I got holes in my pockets.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is next to impossible to understand what you are talking about. You need to consider letting someone else write this out for you, because this makes no sense.


I am so confused right now. What happened?


2 million 100.000 dollors or lost from customers a year who or takeing their business ealce where . That means 21 million dollors of lost profect every 10 years.

So bp,has lost 42 million dollors in 20 years. That's only a small estament I calculate if every lost customer would have spent 100.00$ a year. But LITS look at the big picture a more serious cenaro. Say 200.00a year

Is lost.

84million dollors in profect lost in 20 years. This probably is a cnservative figure , out of 70 stores

National wide. In the USA. Now consider b.p.paid their employees better

Than minamum wages .

Just two simple changes could make a jiganic in cress in profit. 1 don't lie,the 9 comandments front GOD. 2 use proper

Sales strategy . Here is a good example

Of this.

Award sales staff who or kind and shows consideration to customers. Stop looking at the money and look at the person as your income.


196 complants?? Is this in one day?

Great job b.p. you poperlarity is on the rize.

I am glade I'm not the only one. Maby u or trying to do your on self in.