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We went to Bass Pro shop in Cary Nc. This past Thanksgiving day my wife wanted one of them dog beds they had for 10.99 or 10.00 can't remember.

It was in sales paper we had abt 300 or 400 worth of stuff. Last thing rung up was the dog bed it didn't ring up 10.99 10.00 it was regular price come to find out it didn't go on sale until day after Thanksgiving girl called manager. here we are going to buy 300 or 400 dollars worth of stuff and also drove 1 and half hrs to store. He says he can't do that.

There sales paper is crazy the way they date stuff what day u can buy stuff it all runs together. He could have done it. He just didn't want to go thru the hassle changing price in computer. There is managers there sorry *** ppl.

For not putting 1min effort lost the company money *** but what is 300 or 400 dollars but at the same time multiply that by 10 ,15 or 100 ppl little simple thing will cost u. Because I'm gonna spread the word all I can.

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