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I want to personally start out, by saying Penn or to whom ever it may concern. I used to be a penn phonetic, I've owned countless items of penn's. I have a fishing room set up with penn reals and rods and shirts and any other gear that penn has offered. I fish yearly around in the state of Virginia. I've fished up and down the east coast sporting all of my penn gear and caught monster fish with my penn gear. I've met thousands of people of that would say every time I go out, what are you a penn representative or something because everything I used has the penn logo. I was very proud of my penn gear and they never did me wrong. Well until I purchased my last two penn rods, from bass pro shop in Hampton, VA. Mind you I never had an issue with my equipment failing me and I have caught a numerous amount of citations. I purchased two rods at different times and they both broke in the same place (at the connections). When the first one broke, I was thinking ok, maybe it was one of them fluke accidents. So I went to bass pro shop and purchased another one. I'm excited like any other true fishermen hey it's time to brake this new pole in. Two fishing trips later, that one broke in the same exact place the same exact way, while casting. Ruined my whole fishing trip. So I decided to take both poles back to bass pro to see if they can fix them. The guy tells me he will send it to bass pro fix shop to see if they can do something. They called me a few months later and said they cannot fix them. So they then sent them back to penn to see what you all would do. I forgot to mention I did email penn once before and they got back to me and said take them back to where you bought them, take a picture and they will take of it. They told me if the poles didn't look like they were abused or human error they should be fixed for free. I was ok with that. I wasn't trying to get a new pole or anything. I wanted the same poles I bought and I just wanted them fixed. Bass pro and or penn had my poles since this past March. I received one phone call from bass pro a month later, saying they couldn't fix them so they're sending it to penn. I haven't received a phone call a email or a letter in the mail, nothing. I called bass pro and all they could tell me is they sent it off, which they did get my consent, and I haven't heard anything. It is now November 2nd and I finally received my poles. I go to open it and I'm excited that they're finally here after this long wait and no response back from anyone at penn. I go to open it, mind you I'm excited as if I was a little kid opening up Christmas gifts, forgetting the long wait, I open the box only to find out that my poles are still broken. Are you serious penn, you had my equipment since late spring only to return it back in the same conditions that I sent it off as. Not a letter, not a phone call, not an email nothing. Do billion dollar companies care about their customers. Is this how penn treat their customers. I'm in the customer business and have been for a decade now, and I will never do any of my customers this way. There's probably a dozen bait and tackles that sell your products that know me personally and have several pictures or citations of me holding up penn equipment with my catches. I've had each of the dozen stores tell me they have had tons of people come to their stores and ask for the equipments I used. There's tons of people that call me Mr. penn fishermen or mr. Rep penn. now I feel as though I cannot support penn ever again nor advertise penn when I go fishing. And I do a lot of fishing. I probably fish between 20 to 25 times a month. There's no exaggeration there either. But now I feel disgusted and betrayed by penn. penn couldn't even stand by their product and or reach out to me and say hey we value you as a customer and this is what will do. Great move penn, a customer lost for ever. Great customer service and backing up your product. This email will probably get trashed and no one will probably ever respond but I get it penn, you sold your product and that's it. Your done. You know what me too.

Signed, no longer a penn fishermen nor a bass pro shopper..

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Fishing Fishing Rod.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good morning, Anonymous. We are very sorry to hear of the poor experience that you had recently.

We would like to take this opportunity to forward your comments to Penn as well as our Fishing Merchandisers. Please email us at with your name, contact number, and any pertinent details that you would forwarded. Please also mention this post.

We look forward to hearing from you! -BNM