Ridgeland, Mississippi
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Ok. Here is what transpired at bass pro.

My famely member used his credit card to pay for about 20 bass pro cards. Now he left the store with 20 cards. Now we checked his ticket. The cashier created him with 3 cards ? 75.00 worth of business went out the door ,of bass pro. 3 of his cards were not good for bying with . Me my father-in-law was given 2 bad cards. And me one bad card. We notified my father - in- low to trow his 2 in the garbage can. Now on the 1 25 16 ,I was planning on useing my 2 cards to perches some reloading supplies , amo,and so on. Now got to cashier she informed me I could only use 1 card with my 10%off bass pro card I was talked into singing up for. Well I said gust use the gift cards I got for Christmas. Now I'm informed one of the cards were no good. Nobody got ugly or rude. I now had to cancel bying my merchandise. So I could untangle this mess. So I'm going to give the card that's good to someone elce. And trow the outher in the garbage can . And burn the paper work on the credit card .and when it arrrives in the mail I'm going to cut it to peaces and burn it to. Now I am not going to go into your Jackson Mississippi store again. Not mad or wish your co. Any bad luck. I will pray for bass pro that GOD makes u prosper. With this track record u or going to need it .But I just don't care to drive 80 miles total and take a chance on this happening again. Now I'm going to forget this crock of mess . And thank GOD for his wonderful blessings . No ing I will never have to go their again.

Alton Rowell


414 golfcourse rd

Mendenhall ms.


Good luck and may GOD bless u.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Hope all that praying teaches you how to spell a little better!


Sounds like a mastake was made on cashes part. Cause ing a inconvenience to the customer .

And a loss of 75.00$ to bass pro . Not only that but money that would have been spent on outher items , in the store as well . Now I ask u this ? Is 25.00 worth losing a good customer ?

Consider deplomacey in these cases. A kind adatude could have went a long way . Useing good deplomacey could have made the store more money . Say the person in charge said sir.we or so sorry ,for your inconvenience.

What do u think about this . We will oner your 25.00 card and apply the 10%off ,and 15.00 extra on your items u or bying today. And say I'm sure theirs been a mixup on your card.

Let us help you the best we can. I my self ran a busness for 7 years .

I learned to do your best to help costumers with complants. Don't run off your cash income .

But this information will be tossed into the wind.

And never used.

But one day a company will come in to compatision with you . Then it will be to late..atai


And the pictures are of me smilling.

I'm not mad or upset. I'm relaxed,cool,happy.

Love u.all.