Corona, California
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I go to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucumonga a lot to eat. Usually the service and food is wife and I usually eat at the bar.....we sat at the bar at about 6:12 p.m...I went to the restroom while my wife sat at the bar...I got back from the restroom at 6:25..and no one had even asked my wife me what she wanted ...we sat for another 10 minutes before the bartender (Sam on her name card)...she took our order of a kettle one and can no lime and bailey's and coffee for my wife.

She brought my drink about 10 minutes later (which had a lime in it) but no drink for my wife as she said she had no coffee yet....she got her drink about 10 minutes later. On the food we ordered the venison mushrooms which were great..and a cup of chowder for me and a bowl for my wife.....both were luke warm at best.....when we got it the food runner sat the serving platter on the counter spilling the water glass all over me....she did blame it on the glass being on the counter...during that whole spill the bartender never came over.....upon eating I had finished my drink and was never approached by the bartender for another drink ...nor was my wife.....we finished and I ask for my took another ten minutes to get that ....did I tip..yes..but only 10% as the service was that bad....if I could cash in my gift cards and buy my stuff somewhere else I would....horrible service..horrible food..horrible experience..u can send a copy of my receipt if needed.

a unhappy customer

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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