Foxborough, Massachusetts
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When to the store for the first time and in my way in spoke with the greeting person what was the in store concealed carry. He ask me if it was clear I say yes, then he say Ok after that he say Naaa bring magazine to ur car .

I did that then he say we'll I guess I don't like that either let me lock ur gun. I processed to let him do so. Then I went to the gun area to buy a holster . The guy over there unlock my gun to try holster never give it back to me until I decide what I want after I decide what I want I pay and he told me that he need to walk me out of the store.

Holding my gun until I left the door .

I felt like a criminal. Bad really bad service..

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Locking your firearm is for the safety of customers. And as for you putting your magazine in your car, the employee should have never done that.

As long as it's off the firearm it's allowed. The employees are only doing their job and doing what they have to do for the safety of their customers!