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I've been in the local store a total of four times and each time I can expect the same awful service. That is if u can find someone who will help you.

You have to ask. The greeter guy at the front never says hello to females just the guys and I know this because I purposely wait for someone a group of guys to go ahead in front of me upon entering the turn style. Then he says hello to them I go through and he walks away. Another lady enters with her daughter he comes back and stares at them saying nothing.

Then let me tell u about the workers in the shoe section. It's like trying to get a horse to drink from an empty bucket. They just don't want anything to do with helping customers. It's like we're there bothering them and it's an inconvenience for them to go out back to see about an item in stock.

Try to ask them a question and they flat out ignore you or pretend they don't hear you. I go just to see the giant fish tank that's the most wonderful exhibit there. The only positive thing is the fish. I always have some one asking me to sign up for a rewards card and the credit card.

Pretty poor customer service for such an inventive and creative attraction. I just can't believe such a popular store would have employees that lack customer service skills very dissapointimg when I visit.

I almost know what to expect when I go there. No help and rude greeter

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