Merced, California

We entered a contest with some other friends at Bass Pro Shop for a "free trip". We were the only couple to "win". We were told we won three days at a golf resort in Myrtle Beach and a four day cruise to the Bahamas. This would cost us $250.

When we called to book the trip we were told we had to go to Myrtle Beach first to hear a presentation before they would book the cruise. When we checked on the cruise, it was for a room with bunk beds. Not the romantic cruise we had envisioned. So of course, we upgraded for a cost of $400 each.

The lodgings in Myrtle Beach were not at a golf resort. For the $250 we paid, we could have stayed at a very nice hotel. We had an efficiency apartment that was not well cared for and very old and tired. A real dump.

The promoter we were assigned for the presentation was a ***. He spent the first hour telling us how *** were to have our current time share and then tried to sell us (for a starting price of $30,000) a time share with 16.9% interest. not from this promotion. And let Bass Pro Shop know how disappointed you are that they would allow this company to set up shop in their store.

Remember the old saying....You don't get anything for free? This is a good reminder, contest winners are not always winning anything.

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We just recently were deceived by an offer for a 5 day 4 night stay at Shenandoah Crossings, paid $199 then we would receive $150 back in gift cards after the presentation was completed.

The RV spot promised had an outside hot tub as well as exterior kitchen, however all we received was a roll around BBQ. When we discussed this with the check in desk, we were told to contact Bass Pro directly. To add insult to injury we were charged $28.00 in 'taxes' upon check in.

Signed, disappointed 10-23-14


thank u for posting this, i just received a call from someone claiming i won a 3 day 2 night from a drawing i entered 2 years ago! i googled bass pro free trip and found this comment.

i told the man to call me back tomorrow and he asked if i was just blowing him off. when he calls back tomorrow i will let him know i am not interested, thanks again!!!