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I am a professional fly fisherman and recently purchased a 191 Mako from Bass Pro Shops in Denver. From the time they touched the boat they have proven to me that they are truely incompetent.

Firstly, they installed my new 797 Hummingbird with side scanning sonar but neglected to figure out that this unit has its own special puck so I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why it did not work all summer (had to call hummingbird on the water before I figured that out. Next, I had to bring my Mako in because the emergancy beeping system on my optimax was constantly going off. I think they just disconnected the system but not sure of that yet. Finally, I got the remote control for the bow mount Terrova Minn Kota trolling engine and when they installed it they failed to make sure the unit was locked and as I drove down I-25 as I left the shop the trolling engine slammed down on the highway at 60 m.p.h.

and is ruined. I brought it to them and told them what happened and after *** my as off they offered to give me a new one at cost ($800). I told them I was a pro and was furious because I am scheduled to make a movie with another pro in three weeks and the show will be on national television (you would think that I would get some special treatment but NO! I have spent $40,000 in cash at this store and they couldn't care less.

unfortunately for them, my other job makes me the big bucks and my lawyer is going to rip them a new one. Not to mention the Retailer fly fishing expo is next week and I am a featured speeker and I plan on telling everybody on the planet about Tracker Marine/Bass Pro shops ineptitude. Boy did they mess with the wrong guy.

I feel like the bass Pro raped my girlfriend as my boat is my pride and joy!

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Bass Pro Shops has horrible customer service and have seen to forget about customers. Me and my family will never shop there again.

I will be letting everyone I know about how i was treated. Time for everyone to stop supporting a company that doesnt support their customers.


Bass Pro Shops does not care about the customer anymore. All they care about is the dollar.

Their management team is horrible and I would not support such a company.

My family and friends stopped shopping at the Rancho Cucamonga store because of the rudeness and customer service. Spread the word to stop supporting a horrible company.


Wow, I can see why this guy got the service he deserved. Arrogant so called "pro" who shouldnt have to shell out money for a new boat on account of having sponsors.

But who would want this guy representing there products?!!

So I doubt he has very few......Oh and by the way, Bass Pro Shops did a wonderful job in getting me all rigged up on Nitro bass boat. There staff and service was well rounded, knowledgable and friendly.


I'm here to tell you is a normal response from Bass Pro Management. They act like the SS in running their stores.

And yet you'll probably find them at a front podium staying up on their fantasy football.

I know thier policy for everything and all they care about is if your department is up at the morning meeting. If your not...expect to be ignored no matter how hard you work.