Denver, Colorado

Brought in my new bow to have the arrow rest adjusted and cam's timed. The bald, 300 lbs pot belly individual that was working there gave me attitude just because I did not bring in my arrows and release.

Threw tools around in front of me and pitched a fit the whole time while trying to work on my bow,(VERY UNPROFESSIONAL). On top of that he over tighten the screws on my arrow rest and damaged it. This i did not noticed until i got home. Supposedly a archery tech, representing the store but show no customer service skills at all.

I would never go back there again and would rather work on the bow myself then take it to peoples like that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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All Archery Pro Shops sucks. Bass Pro Shop is just on top of the list.


That is why I learned to fix my own bow. Why bring it to dumb people like that when you can do it yourself. 8)


Agreed, They SUK...


Bass Pro Shop sucks. Had the same thing happen to me.

Poor customer service indeed. There Archery department is a JOKE.

Speaking mainly of the Denver Colorado store. Not so sure about the other branches.