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Bass Pro called and said we had won the Orlando vacation we had signed up for. Great! I understood how this worked. So I thought.

They led me to believe we would be staying at the Fountains Resort in a 2-bedroom suite with a kitchen and everything. Was told we could purchase additional nights for $35. Was also told we would be getting $100 in Bass Pro gift cards. Left for our 11-day vacation on Thursday. Were to check in at Orlando after 4pm on Monday. Found out Monday morning that we were not staying at the resort, but at the Ramada Inn. So much for all the food and such we had brought from Oklahoma to save money. The 3 extra nights cost us $85 each.

We took our tour on Tuesday and could not have been more pleased with the Blue Green reps. They understood us and did not pressure us at all. When told of our situation they agreed it would be of no use for us. They were also floored by all the lies we were told and had me fill out a complaint form against Bass Pro.

After the tour when we went to get our gift cards we were only given 3 at $25 each. Totalling $75 instead of $100 we had been promised. Then when we went to use them, one of them was no good. They said it had already been used. WRONG!

Never again would I trust Bass Pro on anything after the way we were treated this summer. There was also another couple there at the same time that had all the same bad experiences that we had. Identical.

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