Houston, Texas

To whom it may concern,

Today, while visiting the Bass Pro store, I received poor customer service. A friend and I walked into your store today to purchase a few rifles, some waders, and a few other items. As a birthday gift, my friend offered to purchase me two rifles; he also wished to purchase two for himself (4 in total). We chose the rifles we wanted and completed the necessary background checks as conducted by your employee.

Everything went smoothly until we we tried to check out. The employee asked how we planned to pay; my friend replied that he would be paying for the four rifles. Your employee replied, "No you're not, the rifles must be purchased separately." We asked for an explanation and were told that we must purchase our own guns. My friend explained that two of the four rifles were a gift for myself and wife and that it was his intention from the beginning to pay for the entire purchase; it is the reason we came The employee went on to explain how a customer could buy all the rifles he wanted for his brother, sister, father, etc. or whoever you want as long as it is a gift. We told him that we were trying to do exactly that, so we did not understand the problem. The employee said now that he knew the rifles weren't all going to my friend, that he couldn't allow us to purchase the rifles together. He made us pay separately because he "knew that two of the rifles were a gift after the fact". He did not ask beforehand who planned on paying; how were we expected to know that this bizarre piece of information should have been disclosed prior to paying if we were not asked? From that moment on, we were treated as if we were trying to do something illegal.

I am trying to understand how my friend could have purchased the rifles as a gift for a complete stranger but not the person standing next to him (who complied with a background check and everything the store requires for the purchase of a firearm). If I were to bring my wife to look at rifles and decided to buy her one, would she be forced to pay herself?

We were both extremely disappointed at the poor treatment we received this afternoon, especially since there was no legitimate reason or clear explanation to why the employee was enforcing this policy so stringently. This is not only about the money but the principle that is unsettling. I understand not all employees are the same and will treat customers differently, but it is the store's obligation to relay all policies to the employees so that the customer is treated fairly and under the same guidelines. If a customer is expected to disclose whether he or his friend is paying for the purchase, it should be policy that the employee asks for this information before hand instead of absolutely refusing to sell both guns for the fact that he knew our intentions "after the fact." This is utterly unprofessional and ridiculous, especially because he could not legitimately explain us the reason without implementing he was incorrect in his assumption.

I have been a loyal customer for many years, but will no longer be shopping at Bass Pro because of this extremely poorly-executed transaction. I pre-ordered a Benelli supernova shotgun beforehand while I was there but will be taking that off order and going to Carters Country for future business adventures instead.

I appreciate your time and would also appreciate a response on how this situation should have been conducted professionally.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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can anybody say STRAW PURCHASE


What you attempted was a straw purchase which could have gotten you prison time. You should be thankful bass pro did not let you go through with the purchase.


***, useless law. But, you were breaking the law.

Had you been an ATF agent running a sting, they could have lost their FFL for knowingly selling a rifle purchased for someone else. Your lucky they didn't report you. Should have bought them, then as soon as you got out the door hand it to him and say happy birthday.

Our government doesn't realize that criminals don't go through background checks to obtain firearms. Gun control at its finest...


You were doing something illegal, though unwittingly. Had you bought a gift card for the amount of the guns as a gift and everyone did their own background screening, you probably would have had no issue.