Bixby, Oklahoma
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I will no longer be going to Bass Pro , I will no longer be purchasing Bass Pro Gift Cards for family members as well as I will no longer eat at any Bass Pro Restaurants. Today I go into the store and Speak with Jeff (Customer Service Manager).

Jeff lied over the phone to me about information, In your Archery Department a Lead name Bobby lied to me over the phone, The manager over Archery was rude. I have spent a lot of money as well as my family at your place. I bought a $700 crossbow from your location and as I was hunting today it broke. Even though it was a manufacture defect I contacted Bass Pro and Bobby said that if I could find the receipt they would replace it or I could go through Horton.

I then called and spoke with Jeff who stated that he looked through all of my receipts and could not find a bow I had bought. I gave him the date, amount, and reward account number. He stated he just saw a bunch a fishing equipment purchased. I informed him I am a hunter not a fishermen and I would not have spent $761 in his store in October for Fish equipment when that is deer season.

I asked Jeff if I came down there would he print the receipt because that was impossible for me to buy fishing equipment when I new for a fact I bought the bow. When I got to bass pro Jeff stated he could not print a receipt and that I had to call 1800BASSPRO. I called them right there and they said they could not help me. Jeff was rude through this entire issue and seemed like I was bothering him and not taking ownership of my problem but just blowing me off.

Your manager in the Archery Department was rude, starred at me with a blank stare, and did not want to help me either. All I have done was listen to all of your employees, followed there direction and it has not gotten me anywhere but to the point of no longer coming to your store. Jeff stated that Bass Pro only guarantees there own merchandise and does not back other products. So if I understand him correctly as I asked and he stated yes; BASSPRO does not back anything they sell unless it is a bass pro product.

BASS PRO sells items they do not back and screw people over. Jeff made several comments that were rude and to sum it up he acted like it was my problem and to deal with it and he wanted know part.

He did not want to help me and stated that it is Saturday and they were busy and would be better if I came back. I AM A CUSTOMER AND SPEND A LOT OF MONEY THERE AND I NOW KNOW THAT THE ONLY TIME YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL HELP IS IF I AM SPENDING MONEY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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We're sore are BassPro, too.

When our BassPro branded battery charger decided to die, it didn't just die quietely - it cooked a $250 AGM battery, first.

When the battery died, we thought it was just the battery's time to go. We didn't think the charger could have ruined it - because the charger was still indicating that it was doing it's job.

So when we replaced the bad battery and then the new battery fried right away as well.. we knew it was the charger.

So the battery charger caused another $500 in damages - and BassPro won't even help make things right by at least discounting another new battery!


I will never spend another penny at Bass Pro. A Bass Pro rod that I purchased 6 months prior broke.

When I took the rod back to the store for warranty replacement, I was treated extremely rudely by an arrogant employee, that implied I was lying. He told me the rod was an older model, and that they hadn't had the rod for over 2 years. However , I found the identical rod on the rack in the store. It was a terrible experience that should have been a simple return.

DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AT BASS PRO. Patronize those that are honest and have integrity.